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Photo courtesy of the National Park Service

February 19, 2020

The bad news: the State of Idaho has an extinction agenda for wolves.

The good news: WWP has a mini-campaign underway designed to stop them and you can help!

The State of Idaho wants to undo the successes of wolf recovery and turn our public lands into a sanitized landscape for cows and sheep, for the sake of ranchers’ profits. Though legislative efforts and policy making, Idaho is leading the way towards wolf extinction – but we’re not going to let that happen.

This year, Idaho State Senator Bert Brackett introduced legislation that would designate “wolf-free zones” and “chronic depredation zones” where wolves could be killed year-round.  In a similar move, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) is currently weighing rule changes that would allow a 11- to 12- month wolf hunting and trapping seasons throughout most of the state.  And IDFG is continuing to fund glorified wolf bounties through contributing public funds to the so-called “Foundation 4 Wildlife Management”—a wolf-trapping group based in northern Idaho.  IDFG justifies these pressures by claiming Idaho’s wolf population reached a record high of 1,500 last year, an estimate produced using a new and unproven camera trap method that has never been reviewed for accuracy or scientific rigor.

As pressure on Idaho’s wolf population has intensified, WWP is fighting back.  Together with friends and allies, we are working to make sure bad wolf management decisions are not made in the dark—by showing up.  We are litigating against Wildlife Services, the federal predator killing agency that kills wolves and other predators in retribution for attacks on livestock.  WWP has helped to organize a coalition in Idaho focused on defending wolves from the State of Idaho’s extinction agenda. We’ve hired a part-time wolf coordinator to organize for the upcoming IDFG meetings. And, we are empowering others to also speak out against this unscientific, hate-based wolf “management” by making sure the public knows what’s going on, driving public interest and advocacy in favor of wolf recovery.

None of these efforts would be possible without the generous support of our members and WWP’s long history in fighting for Idaho’s predators. Please consider donating today to support our Idaho Wolf Mini-Campaign and know that you are making a difference by supporting a group committed to this fight.

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