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Species Protection

Western Watersheds Project is committed to the preservation of native species of wildlife, fishes, and plant life which constitute the diverse communities representative of a variety of landscapes throughout the West.

Preserving Native Species

Each member of the natural community is valued and deserving of rich and vibrant habitat, conditions that enable their continued existence.  What’s best is when communities of diverse species, landscapes, and water systems are allowed to exist naturally as a whole.

Unfortunately, all too often it takes a remarkable decline in population or habitat for land and wildlife managers to take steps that ensure a particular species is afforded the habitat it needs to survive, and thrive, into the future.

WWP works diligently to ensure that western land and wildlife managers secure the preservation of all native species by preserving the integrity of the habitat and water sources they need thrive.

They're Counting On Us!

With your donation, our efforts to save these plants and animals across the western portion of the United States will have a larger chance of success.